CrossCan Digital provides digital content for Canadian schools, including eBooks, Interactive books, databases, adaptive reading programs, language databases, optical read-alongs, and the award-winning MackinVIA eBook platform.

A Complete Digital Content Management Solution for schools providing easy access to eBooks, videos, audiobooks, and databases.

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Database of 110 K-2 titles in 11 languages featuring voice-to-text with native speakers.

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Innovative digital products provide engaging reading and learning tools for titles and content. Products include Anywhere eBooks, Read-to-Me eBooks, and databases.

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Middle and high school curriculum-related content available for online researchers through 59 digital resources.

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Rosen Digital offers eBooks, Interactive eBooks, apps, games, and interactive databases for blended learning, STEM, ELL.

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EyeDiscover is an exciting fusion of print, video, and audio, designed to engage children at the K-2 levels in a fresh new way.

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A robust adaptive reading platform that brings PK–2+ educators and students to one engaging resource to foster students’ literacy growth.

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High-interest and curriculum titles, with embedded formative assessments to engage students and adapt their reading experience to ensure growth.

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Lightbox is a digital interactive curriculum solution that integrates text and audio, videos, web links, slideshows, activities, maps, and transparencies.

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Online subscription service providing a comprehensive resource guide for Canadian teenagers with practical advice and answers to everyday questions.

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